My name is Quest. I am a seeker. I need to know things because ignorance is like quicksand. I am a lover. I love people who love people. Once we learn to love self, then we can love people. I am a fighter. Anything we love in this world we must be willing to fight for it. I am a dreamer. Everything in creation began with a dream, but dreams only come true when we wake up. Society is full of sleepwalkers claiming to be woke, but I am woke for real.

I am conscious to the face that what’s behind me and what’s before me are only tiny matters compared to what’s in me. What’s in me is the creation of everything in existence, God, Jehovah, Allah, whatever title you like. That God I believe in is too big for a tiny religious box. If heaven is the destination, we can use different vehicles and still reach the same place. I am conscious to the fact that empty pockets never held no one back. Only empty minds and empty hearts can do that. What’s holding you back?

I stand at the end of no legacy, but I will stand at the beginning of one.

I think the most important question one can ask the self is, “Will the world remember me?” and “How will the world remember me?” Maybe you will be forgotten in seconds because you did nothing. Were we born to work, retire, and die? When you leave this earth the world should be a better place because you were in it. We can allow the pressure of life to turn us into a diamond or we can forever remain a piece of coal. Think about it.

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