Well, I am Brandon Walker and I am locked up for killing someone. And this is my life story.

I grew up in Dallas in the ’80s, so I seen a lot of things I shouldn’t have. But anyway my momma took us and moved to California to get away from our family. But, in California she became a smoker. So one day she left and never came back! So me, my sister, and my brother rode the bus back to Dallas. Back in Dallas with my Big Momma, I began to get into a lot of things. At 16 years old I became a gang member, and at 17 years old I ended up killing someone. I got sentenced to 25 years. I was in the penitentiary doing some of the same stuff I was doing on the streets.

But after being locked up 18 years, I gave my life to God and gave up gang banging. I got 8 set offs, but when I gave my life to God, he sent me home!

Now all I want to do is make God happy in whatever I do. I just want to thank God for not giving up on me because of all the things I done. So if He can change someone like me, then I know He can change anyone! This is a photo of me (on the right) and my brother in Christ, Mata.

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