Did you know: – 20.3% of Texans experience recidivism…. With your support we can work to making that number close to 0%

According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice(TDCJ) system, it is critical to also consider those impacted beyond each individual offender (TDCJ Biennial Reentry and Reintegration Services Report, 2020). This includes families/friends like you and I and communities who also must be served in order to help reduce recidivism (TDCJ Biennial Reentry and Reintegration Services Report, 2020).

It is no secret that individuals incarcerated rarely have a voice! Since TDCJ recognizes that individualized plans for return to the community help decrease recidivism, let’s not wait for the system to individualize the needs for our loved ones, it is also up to us to assist in smoothing the transition.

Who Are We:

We are members of EnochSays (a nonprofit dedicated to enhance individuals/families impacted by incarceration).


EnochSays wants to develop a free talk space for incarcerated families/friends, in addition to providing free groups that help support those incarcerated, fight recidivism and build stronger communities to support the move!

Groups include but are not limited to:

Realistic Expectations

Managing the Beast

Know Ya Support

Accepting Rejection

Bridging the Gap

Arrested Development

Setting Boundaries

Patience in the Process

Resource Bucket

Spiritual Strengthening