I’m ready to try something different with my life.

Brenton Scott Ehresmann

Way Neisha, You may feel like you’re alone, but you have hundreds of men down here praying for you and thinking of your recovery. No words can ease your pain, but you must fight because we are waiting to hear how God made your sacrifices and pains a testimony for others. You’ll be hearing from us.

Uncle Enoch

“You can always see through a window, but never through a mirror.” In life we have the opportunity to see through the bullshit. Moments that we can’t see through it, we’re the ones that are full of shit. Shout out to my Children and Harper family in Sherman Tx and OKC Oklahoma. Dedicated to my Mother Hollette (Ms. Denise) Harper.

Daiminic Harper

I want to give a “shout out” to the people I love and miss starting with the mother of my child Corinda Young & my baby girl Azeli R. Pineda, Xavian. Daddy loves and miss y’all. Can’t forget my mom Alberta Maldonado & my dad Ricky Paneda and all my sisters ; Elizabeth, Stephanis, Angelica Pineda and I want to give a shout out to my cousins Mando, Rugga, Steve, and my brother-in-law Josh aka Stac. I just want everyone to know I’m doing everything I can to come home as fast as I can. So y’all don’t count me out I will be home soon. It can’t rain forever, and I also want to give a shout out to my boy Enoch.

Ricky Pineda Jr.

With wisdom a house is built, with understanding its foundations are set and with knowledge it is filled good and precious treasures. -Proverb; Staying strong through treading our treading of life’s swamps, pits and quicksand may seem insurmountable but when you correctly perceive the obstacles overcomming it becomes probable.

Jamal Miller

I appreciate my momma and family who are riding with me, supporting me, sharing much love. I hope ya’ll be safe and well. I love Ya’ll.

Francesco Dunca

Shouting out to the Jackson, Rodriguez, Salinas, Garcia, Hernandez and Perez family from the Torres unit here in HondolTx. I want them to know that I love and miss them all so much and I wish them a Happy Holidays from the bottom of my heart. I really can’t wait to see you all I’ll be out soon hold it down for me. I also want to remember my #1 inspiration, my grandmother Carlota Salinas R.I.P. who passed away.

Cesar Rodriguez

It does not matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning. Go Spurs Go! Just hold on you have to stay strong. This ain’t no forever thing, you know, in coming home. Daddy loves you Harmony.

Matthew Whitfield

I just want to give a shout out to my momma Susan, my daddy Done, my brother Justin Sanchez and I wanna give another shout out to my girl Ari & her momma Crystal. I just wanna say sorry for ieaving y’all out there, I thank you for everything y’all been doing for me. Please keep your heads up out there. Don’t look down unless there’s money on the ground. Well, until we reunite I love you all and wanna give a shout out to my friends that’s in my position right now. Sean Anderson, Nelson Rodriguez, BJ Anderson. We all be home soon, I love y’all too.

Ryan Sanchez

Shout out to mi madresita por todo lo que ases y todo lo que isiste por nosotros y aunque nunca te escuchewtuve que llegar al lugar’donde estoy para en tender to lo que me estabas ensenando. Te quiero muncho y te extrano un dia te llegare‘a verflafuera de estas paderes.

John White

Life is a emotional rollercoaster. Strap in embrace yourself and have as many memorable experiences you can possibly have. Enoch says insights into life draws us forward and calls us onward. Glory to God for allowing me to see another day. Thank you to my wife Courtney for sticking by my side and seeing something in me that I never saw. I love you.

Devante R. Brown

First and foremost I wanna send a #prisonshoutout to all my loved ones, family, friends, and whoever else that may be riding and to my brothers that’s in prison like myself. I just want you to know you are not alone, this is not the end, it’s the beginning of a new start. I love ya’ll. Stay up 100!

Javean Darvey

A man should not be measured by the mistakes that he makes, but by the choices that he makes after the mistakes. You have free will to make your own choices, right or wrong, but it takes a man to right all of the wrongs he made. I would like to thank all of those who have shown me love and support aver the years. My daughter Antonia, my brother Kirven, and all of my children. I thank God for you every single day.

A. Ronald Floyd

It’s been been 3 years since she left us, and I know she is watching over all of us. There is a quote I live by and I’ll like to share it with you. It goes “Accept what is, forget what was and have faith in what will be.” God bless you all.

Cesar Rodriguez

This is my shout out to my mother Brinda Smith, sister Rochelle Smith, brother Anthony Smith and to my wife Chelsia Smith. I want you all to know from my heart to you alls, I love ya’ll and God does too. Keep your chin up and stay focused. Keep it real and positive. God first family second. Loving you all, always!!!

Xavier Smith

I might be gone from home, but my heart is still with you. Leaving today to …make way for tomorrow.

C. Keal

One day outside my prison window, a Della Bird came to me, I said, “Hey little Della, how does it feel to be free.” she flapped her wings as she replied. She began to sing to me, “The free one is not me, for you have the ability to pray, and only prayer can set you free.“

This to shall pass, we shall meet again on the other side. I thank God for allowing me to build my house on his rock, that I may be able to be whom he called me to be… The man ”‘M was always in me. I thank you all for believing in me. I thank God for Jesus and family.

Noah F. Jackson