Isolation, solitude, the difference is one is forced and the other self-induced. Blinded by cultural norms, performing abnormal acts, substituting desires for needs, wants for necessity. Here violence is the answer to all problems. Lash out first or you become the victim of another person’s perpetual pains. Enveloped by chaos, finding order in the madness. Shredded plans of success scattered among the concrete to soften the fall from another’s expectation. Denied parole due to the trust that can’t be earned because of your actions in the past. Shackled to the system til the day you die or live fueling it with the despair of the loved one. Be all that you want to be, forgotten identities looking to be defined by Webster or oxford but the words don’t match, so where in the world is Carmen San Diego? Same place as Waldo; they got caught last week. Losing lifetimes of experiences for objects when others objected. Property obtained by nefarious means means you doing five to ninety-nine. This makes no sense. When the murder of your own kind gets you slapped on the wrist. False friends with false smiles swearing loyalties that are still misplaced, saying I love you from the racist struggling in his mixed race. Color blinded by flags that no longer fly from back pockets. Betty Ross would be proud of the blood we’ve shed. Rags of ghetto riches, where our mothers and queens become ho’s and bitches, and slabs are rides that magicians do tricks in. Ta Da, magic. I can make self worth disappear. A State of Address about the wars in the middle east, what about south of Chicago, north Dallas, or Los Angeles, those treacherous streets? Our blocks been bleeding and the wounds don’t seem to heal. Infested and inflamed, why are we still sick. Felt like a stray dog looking for help, when I felt the booted kick. This reality is real, this is my perspective from the pen, barbed wire, concrete, a horizon with an end. I see the same places because my body can’t leave; I’m tired of holding my breath smelling shit, it’s hard to really breathe. Finding freedom of the mind seems the best course of action. The crazy thing is for my suffering you’re still paying taxes.

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