This is who we are fighting for: the divine rights of happiness and hope for the next generation. A friend, Brett, asked me basically, “What is the ‘end’ Enoch? What is the purpose of your message?” Well this is it: I write for our children’s happiness, to preserve their innocence, and to give them a better quality of life. We are building a reality that has nothing to do with drug-infested neighborhoods, disreputable education systems, violence and single parent households, a place where the fantasy of Walt’s World isn’t the only positive means for feeding their visions of peace and love.

I am striving to pave a road to a land of milk and honey. Demanding that which was proclaimed by America’s forefathers: “establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote general welfare and secure blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity…” I am working to give true hope to the captives, allowing the deaf to hear freedoms ring, “..from every mountain side.” Dr. King prophesied and I endeavor to see that Dream be manifested. We aim to produce a reality that frees our children from the mental shackles of the minority mind-set. I am fighting self-hatred and ignorance, using, “..any means necessary…” to protect a culture’s civil rights. I’m struggling with the oppressors, so that social injustices will not be masked or deflected.

My message is for every woman, man and child who has ever felt a real love and has had that real love substituted with pleasure. I want to reestablish those real feelings, distinguishing the differences between the two. I write to every able-bodied person imploring him or her to be accountable for his or her every action as we sue for prosperity. I seek a middle ground where one side can meet the other to find true resolutions to the problems plaguing this country. These words are meant for the poor, destitute, the rich and privileged, the pastor and the priest. This is for the athlete and the convict, the old, young, the black, brown, yellow and white. I seek to give an understanding to the plight (our culture) that is misunderstood. I write to the broken heart of this nation, exposing the problems so that all people of good will may go to work healing this nation.

Finally, I write as a petition to God, seeking deliverance from oppression. I pray to be used, to help where I am needed. I pray looking to the hills from “whence cometh my help”, knowing that my help comes from the Lord. I write from pain, truth, and empathy. I write awaiting those like-minded individuals who desire the same solaces of life. Those who are willing to put people before race, wealth, and political or religious views. I write as a blueprint for my salvation through obedience and love. I do not do this for self-alone. I do this for you, Brett, your children, for Moochie, and her children, I do this for my legacies and your’s America, but most importantly I do it for God’s children. The question is, are you R.E.A.D.Y. to help?

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