Strength is more than a word confined to abstract ideologies. Strength is the manifestation of ones’ will to traverse adversity with responsibility and concise decorum. Strength is lending stability to those who lack the fortitude to act when action is demanded. Strength is having discipline over emotions and not allowing self to become blinded by emotions. You must have the ability to side with the weak to fight a just cause. Knowing that the outcome is failure, you still fight. That is strength. Strength is not endurance alone but the actions and inactions while enduring the justified pains of the world. It is not physical, yet it will heighten the physicality of the truly strong. Strength is the ability to submit to that which is stronger than you are. Strength is yielding for the greater good.

“And the meek shall inherit the earth.” Aggression isn’t strength, nor is cowardice.  Judging when to bow out and to allow God to handle what you’re unable to do – that’s strength. Strength is faith, knowing that you don’t know yet, trusting God to know your unasked questions. This is the essence of strength; the ability to shed tears, to love and to care about all life.

Questions: Are we strong enough to have faith, to trust in God? Are we strong enough to inherit the earth, to trust in God? Are we strong enough to admit that we are weak and we seek to become strong?

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