He was a block bleeder, til he started smoking rocks
Nine yrs. old thinking she wants me, she wants me not
One was his moms and the other his pops

How could this child love these people he couldn’t be near
To them he was invisible livin his childhood lost in fear
But God gave him sufficient love in his granny, his dear

He struggled in poverty, fightin to be the man in the house
You know, thugin and hustlin, he needed food for the mouth
Granny hated what he did, but her love wouldn’t put him out

Man, life plays games, destroying what’s of value to you
Lost his love to cancer, why didn’t God see her through
God could’ve taken him, his mom or pops, love didn’t seem true

With every curse there’s an underlined blessing in disguise
He wasn’t the smartest of men, yet his hardest he tried
To do what he knew best, so he became street wise

But his wisdom seemed empty cause his granny was gone
Barely living life where only hurt and drama was shone
That was til Pie had his lil girl and brought her home

Now he strives to be a better man, he seen hope in his daughters eyes
He seen the love that was lost and all the unanswered whys
Real life is the bar that his granny set now he knows he can reach that high
He says he loves you Grandma Debra this is his final goodbye, Real life

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