If I could have anything in this world it would definitely be the ability to properly use knowledge, wisdom and understanding. With the proper use or one characteristic the application of the other two qualities should come easier, if that’s what I truly tend to pursue. These gifts from God, not only will I become a servant to others; I’d also be able to secure my foundation as a man, a true man of God. This isn’t a fantasy it’s an obtainable goal that can only be attained through endurance, patience, and a strength that only God can give. In addition to myself, there are over one million males incarcerated in the United States. We have all been subject to belittlement, degradation, and are regarded as pariahs of society. We are supposed to fit a stigma of; uncivilized, unstable, animals which claim the rights of men. Within this chaos we disrupt the solace and pleasures of everyone else’s lives. As time races by and I sit idle, attempting to reason out what my real problem is, if I do have one. I come to realize that we aren’t the degenerates that we are portrayed as. We are the fathers, uncles, sons and brothers of America.

We are champions that never understood that we were ever in a fight. Those who knew were never properly trained. I know that if we stand up and start conditioning for this fight, than we are able to be great contenders of this struggle, not victims that victimize other victims. I’ve come know that we do have problems and these uncanny circumstances are a by-product of our thoughts and problems. We do not belong here; this system can not be functioning correctly. If it did then we as a nation would not witness so many men, repeat the exact same criminal acts walking freely back into prisons across America, insanity. Something has to change; some one must do something to solve these problems.

Our society tends to focus more on the consequences of the problems that plaque our culture, than the problems themselves. To properly produce solutions we must identify the problems. In identifying the problems, we find focal points to concentrate our resources. We should choose to change that which births the negative consequences that we are so fascinated with.

Theses are some of the major problems of our culture that need to be attended to:

  • We lack a true knowledge of the severity of our problems and the long-term ramifications. There is no focused unity as a whole.
  • We lack true leaders and visionaries that are willing to do more than just talk.
  • We are the perpetrators of self-violence, the protagonist of negativity.
  • We have become stagnant, content in poverty. How much sense does this make?
  • We have the lowest national income margin, yet we are the number one consumers in America. We lack financial stability.
  • We are used for political gain, yet we do not utilize politics. Our men spend majority of their lives revolving in and out of penal systems.
  • Our children are raised either by the state or in single parent households.
  • We no longer fear God.
  • We lack the fortitude to be responsible for our own actions.
  • We lack faith in anything that is not illegal substances, we don’t even believe in ourselves.
  • We think that sports or entertainment are our only avenues to wealth and prosperity.
  • We do not have a positive, clear, concise definition of what a man is.
  • Our women have become calloused, masculine, and lost attempting to fill our roles as men.
  • We are the manifestation of Willie Lynchism (the theory has worked) displacing the roles of man and woman.
  • We slowly murder ourselves with the over-indulgences of drugs and drowning our selves in superficial states of mind.
  • We do not create realistic plans nor set obtainable goals.
  • We have no purpose in life other than to survive.
  • There are too few role models for our youth.
  • We give our children schooling yet we do not educate them in life.
  • Our women believe that their names are now bitch, ho, etc.
  • We inflame the degradation of their self-worth.
  • We lack determination and discipline.
  • We have given up the fight for equality for minimum wages.
  • We blame the system for our current circumstances, and then we demand that the same system gives us more of the same treatments.
  • We are lost in a mentality of materialism, pseudo-utopia and false joys.
  • We are sick and do not understand the cause of our afflictions.
  • We wonder blindly into our graves.
  • We are an ignorant people, worshipers of false religions, saturated in chaos, yet blissful in our struggles to survive.
  • We are infants in wealth, adolescents in careers, and adults in giving up.
  • We are tired and do not understand why.
  • We do not hate that which kills our children.
  • We do not hate this culture enough to change it.
  • We are passive in our submission to genocide.
  • We die, laboring for others leaving nothing behind for our own children.
  • We die delivering poisons to our children, corrupting their minds, leaving them “at risk”.

Our problem is that we do not want to recognize the truth. We are our own problems; we are our own worse enemy. Until we know the enemy intimately then we will always be slaves to these problems. When we look in the mirror and can see the change, can love what we see, then we can say that we have progressed.

These are our problems, who better suited to give us the proper solution then ourselves?

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