One Heart Beat 1
One Heart Beat 2

One heart beat, two hearts; did you know that this could exist? I’m sitting here wondering why I breathe when you breathe. Why we are constantly on each others’ mind? It gives me hope and inspiration to know that we stay in each other’s heart. One heart beat, two hearts; it’s a known fact that happy people live better quality lives. Do you know why this is, it’s because they’ve found something to live for besides themselves. You can’t imagine what finding you has done for my life. If I had to describe you in one word it would be Blessing, that’s what you are to me. So I strive to live up to the ideal of the type of man, friend, and lover that you need me to be. One heart beat, two hearts can you believe that you are meant for me and I for you? Can you see that you have become my world, even when I sleep? Test it, when your heart beats at night with that slow and steady pace. Close your eyes and you would swear that I was right there… close enough to touch, to hold, and kiss. Is this what love and synergy does to the sane? One heart beat, two hearts. If you did not know, you are worth fighting for, worth cherishing, worshipping and being loved. You are my Blessing and we share….


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