1.You have nothing to prove:

You have nothing to prove to anyone, you’ve accepted the person that you are meant to be. Whoever you are, be that to the best of your ability. IF you are honest with yourself, secure in yourself, and have an understanding of self, then what do you have to prove? Know your self-worth and don’t sell yourself short in life. When you must prove that something is real or authentic then most likely it’s fake. It is easier to be you then to force others into believing you are someone else.

2.You have nothing to hide:

If you live in the light, then what do you have to hide? If you are honest with yourself and those around you, then what secrets do you hold? Be transparent in character and moral conduct. Who you are now, you can be wherever you may be, despite the circumstances and situations. Even your flaws aren’t to be hidden; they need not be broadcast; yet they shouldn’t cause shame. Change is a must in life; everyone has something about them that they would change. Change what needs to be changed but do not hide flaws that will be eventually discovered. Facades only last so long; there is nothing that stays hidden forever, you might as well be you. Let the world love you or hate you, but let it be you that is loved or hated.

3. You have nothing to lose:

You have dedicated your life to building a wealth that you cannot take with you in death. You have chased the elusive pleasures of riches, yet you always end in a financial bind. You place value in those things that have no true worth. You consider loss in the material aspect a traumatizing event. You can have a high quality in life by living life free of being a servant to the dollar. If you live as if the loss of something material is nothing to you then you have much to gain. Your possessions do not determine the person you are, they do not give or add value to who you are, in these terms you have nothing to lose. What you do not have does not subtract from the person that you are. Your life is not measured by bank statement, but by the content of your character.

4. You have nothing to keep:

Nothing belongs to you! Not your child, your siblings, parents nor your lover. In understanding this you should live as if every memory means something. Every smile, every tear, should be counted as a blessing because in the long run we keep nothing but the memories of those we love. For this we cherish the people in our lives, while they are there. We cherish their memory when their gone. Love your child enough to let him/her go, honor your parents for the wisdom they passed down. Enjoy the very breath of that loved one, cause even that will one day fade, yet their love always remain in memories. Even though the flesh you can never keep. Nothing belongs to you, so nothing can be taken away. Life is shared expressions, emotions and memories. You can dictate those memories, knowing that there is nothing to keep.

In all things be true to God, and yourself. Learn that there is a big difference in existing and living life. Learn the difference, and then live your life like it is worth Living.

If you feel as if your life doesn’t have a meaning. I advise you to give your existence purpose and live your life like you have, nothing to prove, nothing to hide, nothing to lose and nothing to keep.


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