For as long as I can remember, I’ve pestered God with questions of why? “Why this Lord? Why that God?” It’s as if the more answers I received I was left with even more questions to ask. I went so far as to coin the term “infinite why.” It just seemed to me that the more we sought an understanding of God’s knowledge, the more we asked why this or why that. Understanding the circumstances one was born into became more complicated than Newton’s Law.

In searching for the purpose, the meaning of my very existence, I was constantly left with the overwhelming sense of how ignorant I was about the plot of my life. Then during the closing ceremonies of a Kairos weekend, the final speaker, Chaplain Busby, gave the audience a message that could be summed up in two words. These two words will forever change my life… “So That.”

When I heard the Chaplain, say “And these two words will give your life purpose..So That…” I knew that my life mattered. I knew then and there that every time I had uttered the question “why” had just been answered. I felt that my faith had just been justified; that the known and unknown finally had a conclusion. No longer were the philosophical infinite whys needed. This did not mean I should stop asking the questions. It just meant my understanding of the answer, or lack thereof, could end at whatever the end should be even if I don’t fully understand the why. There is a reason and that reason is “So That.”

“Why this Lord?” “So That, my child.” His reasons aren’t our reasons; His understanding will never fully be ours. When we question the Lord, when we question Life, when we question the questions, remember that God will always have a “So That,” even if we cannot see it at that instant, understand if, or even like the “So That.” The reasoning still remains. We have the free will to choose our path. God reserves the right, the authority to choose the consequences. Why am I writing this? So That you know that there is hope and love in life while the circumstance may not reflect it at the time. So That you will realize that while we do things in life to find joys, pleasures, and peace, God is also working to ensure His healing love is flowing into His world no matter what is at working trying to keep His healing love out.

Why do you read this? Why am I here? Why, why, why, why, why? The answer now is as simple as it is complicated.

The answer is “So That.”

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