Originally posted in December of 2018

We are > (greater than) our circumstances. We are > (greater than) the disparities that have us at each other’s throats. This isn’t mathematical or maybe it should be to make more sense to you. If you do not recognize that having a negative perspective on life will lessen your chances of adding to the quality of your life, then you’ll continue to sell yourself short, using bad choices as currency. As I stated earlier, you are > (greater than) these circumstances. We must learn to see the plus in any situation we find ourselves in. Σ is sigma, meaning the total sum of all parts. I am a representation not of just my mistakes but also of my choices to learn from those mistakes and to better my life where I am. I forced myself to look beyond the lies that I am < (less than) a man because of my skin color, that I am < (less than) a man due to my past actions. I had to learn to be remorseful for my wrong doings to all my victims, including myself. I had to learn that God made me > (greater than) the circumstances I was born into. When I say I am R.E.A.D.Y., I am saying that I am > (greater than) my circumstances, where I can change the conditions. I tell you that you are > (greater than) an athlete, a doctor, a gangsta, pimp, or pastor. You are > (greater than) the world’s expectations of you. My mother embedded this scripture in me, I’m just now man enough to live up to it.  “. . .Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.” l John 4:4.

I am Enoch, and I am > (greater than) any circumstances! I am R.E.A.D.Y.  Are you?

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