Running from foreign lands attempting to cross the scorching sands that has been blazed before us,the terror and defeat that has solidified the footprints that we retrace (generational curses) to open the doors that feel as if they have been closed to us. Patiently moving at pace that keeps. us from weary. Never did I realize that the prison we would leave would open doors to a freedom that will entrap you in a prison that finds you guilty of fears that derive internally. Binding you to fallacies of who you think you are, falling victim  to shames of failure that doesn’t belong to you. Carrying scars that you blame others of inflicting. Truth doesn’t change the lie that there is no escaping from the walls that we have bound ourselves with, the delusions that there is no hope for change. Paralyzed by the weight of self doubt the foolishness that will drown you in the “I can’t and it’s impossibles”. God help me to see the truth of the route that we must travel, while learning to move further from these desolate lands that we don’t belong to. Freedom that will imprison our selves through  making wrong choices and illegitimate comforts. This is as backwards as cutting your wrist hopping that it would kill my enemies. Lord give me the peace of mind  to carry these burdens and to ease the paths of the disbelievers so that they may find the promises that you have made. Lord help guide every step that we take, despite the surrounding circumstances, we seek You, chasing You into the land of milk and honey. Turn around every so often and help us when we fall from our own foolishness. Help us when we turn astray from the path you have directed that we travel, help us help our selves to Be who you said to Be and do the things that you have said to do… Lord Help Us!!!!

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