I apologize for interrupting your life. There are important subjects I must, as a man, bring to your attention. This nation has been in a downward spiral for years. Understanding that we may have completely different views concerning the past, the present and the future of where we as a nation are headed, I am offering you the opportunity to broaden your understanding and to share your perspectives to enhance this nation we share.

I write this in hopes that you can be swayed from continuing to abuse the privileges afforded to you by birth or wealth. If you stop reading now, you will forever shy away from the responsibilities that come with power (the ability to change your environment). You will become stagnant in your perspective of life, poisoning all that is dear to you. You will be assisting in the decay of this nation. My opinion of you matters little in comparison to the truth about the condition of this nation. I am not attempting to condemn you for your father’s sins… (If you can honestly say that you have not participated in his iniquity.) But if by nurture you have abused the privileges afforded to you, then this is for you. If your heart is hardened to the plight of the poverty stricken, this is for you. If genocide of a culture hasn’t moved you and if you are one of the rare few who never had to digest any of these unsavory meals, this is for you. If none of this ever registered in life, if you are unfamiliar with these circumstances, then this is also for you. After this, you can no longer make the claim, “I didn’t know.”

It is a fact that this “Great Nation” revolutionized slavery, lynching, exploitation and abuse of a people. The saying “old money is synonymous with slave and master” is true. I tell you that it’s time for the “master” to take responsibility for his people. Many might not think that this is possible, but nothing is too large for the God I serve. You may be indifferent to the plight of my culture; be patient while I put this in understandable terms.

Man to man, race, age, and demographics aside, would you as a man allow the rape or abuse of a woman in your presence? Regardless of the consequences that may occur, as a man would you not at the very least voice your displeasure of the wrongness, if not stopping the act all together? Would you not protect the innocent child from corruption, abuse, or exploitation? Would you as a man of God not stand in between the child and the unrighteous act? Would you not remove the child from the harmful environment? If the drainage in your house was clogged, would you leave it unattended, allowing the sewage to backup into your living area? You would fix the problem or call someone that knew how to.  Correct? If the brake lights in your vehicle were flashing a warning, would you not think to check for the problem? Would you allow your family to ride in that same vehicle? No, you would change the brakes or take it to a mechanic.

The abuse of the woman and child affects not only the individual but also everyone associated with the victim. The consequences ultimately fall back on the privileged, especially if you turn a blind eye to crimes in front of you. Sewers will eventual back up into your living room. These problems are not solely your responsibility, yet you must shoulder your share of the burden.

Your forefathers enslaved America, raped her children, clogged the sewers and broke the brake lines. I say America, because this is where my father fought for our liberties. Upon the trees of this country is where my bloodline hung, being lynched while fighting for future generations’ freedoms as humans. In a hotel in Tennessee is where the oppressor attempted to kill a Dream. On the urban streets across America, young black men are dying at a higher rate than in any modern war. We clog the entrances of prisons, leaving single mothers to raise our future. As a black in America, we have proven that we are resilient and determined to remove the chains that have shackled us to an idea of who we should be. We are taking responsibilities for accepting the role of minority. Change has been coming for a long time now; you have turned a blind eye to the atrocities for too long. You have shut your ears to the cries of the people for too long. Wealthy whites can no longer ignore this nation’s problems. You no longer have the privilege to remain indifferent.

I say that you have a responsibility for the privileges you have inherited for yourself, your family and your nation. You have a responsibility to the abused, neglected, and poverty stricken. Become involved; use your power and wealth for curing the disease. Stop ignoring the symptoms of the disturbed and destitute. Do not remain the Oppressor; do not refrain from saving that child, or unclogging the sewers. It is not too late to change this Nation; it has been too long in coming. The question is what type of man are you really, race, age, demographics aside.  Who are you?

Knowing the man that you are, would you be willing to open relationships with like-minded men and me, to assist you in fixing the problems that you have in your home? Or, are you willing to become my adversary with integrity, willing to give me the truth as you see it, in hopes of swaying me from perspectives of life that you believe are wrong or biased. If we remain segregated in our paradigms, we will forever lack the understanding required to change this nation. This dilemma has been infesting the body of this nation far too long, “But whatever is becoming obsolete and growing old is ready to disappear.”- Heb. 8:13. Think, you can be one of many who helped transform this nation into a truly a great one. Where crime rates are low to non-existence, where single parent households become rare and poverty is a problem in third world countries, not in our backyards. We can begin this change if you’re willing to take responsibility – one way or another. I just ask that you choose, with a sober mind, a man’s love for his family and take prayerful consideration, Sir.

I sincerely appreciate your time.

James Enoch Banks

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