Originally posted in February of 2019

Vague ambitions exaggerated by claims of greatness. Exalting minute visions of fantasy to disguise the fears of reality, ruined identities. Grasping characteristics of studio role models. Generations defining success by the brand of shoes on their feet. Mothers’ burned souls kissing the glass idols of their religion; inhaling death, exhaling hope through caked lips. Soldiers cowering on concrete corners finding unity in our ignorance. Wars fought over colors that have left us blinded. Legacies left behind bars and barbed wire, good intentions serving no other purpose than to say we tried. Understanding our past wasn’t enough to keep us living life, proclamations of emancipations written and signed. Criminal law is more effective than overt slavery ever was. “Thank God Almighty we are free at last” lasted until M.L.K.’s casket was closed. Finding the problem is easier than finding the solutions. Deformed ideals birthed by a Nigga’s necessities. Minimum wage paid government help for the under-aged mother. Four children, three daddies and another spewing his seed. A cycle created for profit and supremacy of a lost nation. Hungry children left to fend for themselves. I scream their pain for them because no one hears their cries of anguish. Somebody help the deterioration of this culture, not just this one person’s life.

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