The most important step in a person’s life is the next step, so come walk with me. I’m talking to you with that pistol in your hand and that hurt in your heart, put it down and walk with me. We’ll do this together, we’ll deal with the pain. You with that dope in your stash, chasing that fast dollar. Come on bro, walk with me, slow and steady, we’ll learn something new. You, lonely child, with those tears in your eyes, come walk with me, we’ll find your daddy together. Mr. King of the court, Ms. Gold Medal Winner, come walk with me, bring Mr. Superbowl Ring and Ms. WNBA, come y’all and walk with me and give our future a better chance. Cause I walk this walk for you Rayshawn, Jaylynn, Tut, Nu-nu and Bear. For De’ontae, Tre, Arion, Tilla and Swan. I walk for your children, your brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews, so that they will not have to walk the path of our past.

Walk with me to change this, am I asking too much? Walk past Memphis, TN where the Dreamer was shot and killed. His dream doesn’t have to die with him, we must walk on, we must be R.E.A.D.Y. for this change. Mamma, Daddy, thank you for walking with me, for holding me up when I didn’t want to walk anymore. Joy, Kamika, your support has always been true, thank you Shanda, Toi, April and Joseph for keeping me on my path. Uncle Drew, Miss Liz, Candace, Gordon A., Daron R. and Scooter; thank you all for believing and taking the first step with me, for the guidance and love.

I wish Darnell “Dre” Thomas was still alive to walk with me. Yet I’ve found others that are just as strong; Patrick Wall, Isaiah Reina, Derrick H. Williams, David Lee Jr., Benjamin M. Clark Jr., Ran’Dale, R. Allen, Gerald A. Davis, Christopher Thornton, William E. Hunter, Brandon Wall, Thomas “T” Collins, Jason “Red” Cole and Joseph “Bubba” Banks. I know you men are R.E.A.D.Y. and you all will continue to walk for change with me. Fox, Von, Jay, G-boy, Lil B, Sic, Ray, Tone, Tank; are you R.E.A.D.Y. yet, you brothers preparing to take this next step? Great ideals, ideas, and principles have no limits except the ones we set. They say it takes one, one person to change a nation. Come on, you see it’s a long walk, come walk this journey with me.

When my back aches and my feet are swollen
When I feel like the world’s against me
When I want to keep walking this lonely path but see no point
When I start to wonder how much more pain can I continue to endure
Hold me up, Hold me up, Hold me up…
I’m good, thanks, thanks for holding me up.

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