Come one, come all, you and you, walk with me. Come, it’s time to remove your shackles, blinders and bondages. It’s time to walk into a better America and do better by each other and for each other. It’s time to grow beyond our ignorance, biases, hatred and superstitions. Walk with me beyond preconceived notions of the other side. Let’s take this journey step by step and see this endeavor through to its end. In order to get to a place where we can better our circumstances, we must first improve ourselves and our understanding of the Truth. Let us build up the courage to walk away from the lies and deceit, leaving behind broken households, confusion and division. Stomp out oppression, discrimination and racism. Help me trample these things beneath our heels.

Come walk with me and awake from your slumber. Realize, obtain awareness, consciousness of your true-self and the difficult trail we must blaze. Walk with me, strive, learn to mature and grow through Endurance. Gain strength by shouldering the burdens of life, while discovering economical ways to proceed as a culture. I only ask that you walk with me and face Adversity head on, let’s work together, overcoming the obstacles in our lives that have slowed our progress to a crawl. Money alone will not solve the problems that have left us stagnant.

Come walk with me, understanding that we will be Defined by how we proceed. Do we stay unaware of the Truth, unconscious to our self-worth? Or do we wake up and make a change in our lives? Do we crumble under the weight of racism or do we learn ways to strengthen ourselves in these circumstances? Do we submit to the obstacles in our lives becoming slaves to the problems, or do we work with diligent efforts to overcome? This will only lead to You. Cause only you can decide that you are R.E.A.D.Y., that you are more than your circumstances, more than just a mother or father. Only you can decide to endure, grow stronger, learn and change your life. Yes, I understand when it becomes overwhelming and you feel as if we aren’t making any progress. This is why I say “Come walk with me,” because even the preacher gets tired of preaching, the doctor gets tired of healing and the mother gets tired of parenting. The gansta gets tired of thuggin and the hustla gets tired of hustlin. Yes, and still, “there’s no rest for the weary.”

When my back aches and my feet are swollen
When I feel like the world’s against me
When I want to keep walking this lonely path but see no point
When I start to wonder how much more pain can I continue to endure
Hold me up, Hold me up, Hold me up…
I’m good, thanks, thanks for holding me up.

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