Are You Listening

I loved nothing more than to tumble, stretch and do flips
Are you listening, the doctor said that he needed to examine my hips
Where he touched me made me scared and uncomfortable with undeserved shame
Are you listening, I didn’t know, so I trusted him, remaining quiet in my pain

Me Too

i just wanted to go party, you know have fun and drinks with some friends
Are you listening, I’m guilty of dressing up, I didn’t know my sex appeal was a sin
He told me that I had teased him, the way I danced in my dress
Are you listening, violating me, he promised if I told that I’d breathe my last breath

Me Too

I worked my way through school to gain a foundation in life
Are you listening, I deserved the promotion and raise, my work ethics say I’m right
Yet he wanted something explicit in return for moving me up in the firm
Are you listening, he pressed his self up against me while he whispered sordid terms

I Am R.E.A.D.Y


We rob them of their innocence, removing something that can’t be returned
Are you listening, we bribe and coerce them to satisfy our desires for positions they earned

Sex appeal and beauty aren’t a license to forcefully display our lust
Are you listening, man is blessed with strength and power, yet is abusing it as well as women’s trust

Me Too

These are our nieces, daughters, sisters, mothers, wives and friends that someone degrades
Are you listening, this isn’t a political issue to argue, a money grab or up for debate
Their pain, suffering and misplaced guilt have gained momentum and a loud voice
Are you listening, together we will stop this, to stand up with them is this man’s choice

Are you listening, we are R.E.A.D.Y. Are you

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