Can you appreciate the arguments, the great conversations that we’ve shared? This is where I learned to respect your respectability, to better understand the misunderstandings and conceive the misconceptions that matured you into you. The peace like the chaos rose and set as the sun, lasting the appropriate hours for each day. Now do you appreciate the strong winds and cold summer showers?

The warm light that breaks through the shadows. Do you appreciate Jack Frost chilling your bones so that the fire can melt your heart, allowing you to love freely again? The unexpected, neglected, disrespected, and lost. I can never be this to you; I am more to you and you to me.

I refuse to be anything but your now and your later. What flavor would satisfy you most? Savor the flavor don’t just chew, patience. I must take a step back, not away from you, to view the whole picture not just the frame. Beauty incarnate, precious strokes, precise contrast, the perfection in the hues, a reminder to remember to appreciate all that God has created, a love to remember, nothing lost but the time spent, but we gained the memories to last a lifetime.

Appreciative of the deposit that has accumulated into your account, I wonder what generosity will be reciprocated when I attempt to make a withdrawal that surpasses the balance? So allow me to constantly deposit my appreciation for you in hopes that I’ll never write a check that I cannot cash. I would hate to see a check bounce because I in some way I forgot to appreciate you a little bit more…

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