We as a people are in a very bad place, when our culture is founded on lies. We will readily accept lies, seek out lies, and even live within lies. We feed lies to our spouses, our children, and friends. We share lies with our music and art. We internalize “His-Story”, as history and live within these consequences. We stay so wasted, high or drunk that we stopped caring about reality.

The truth is we are more than we give our selves credit for. We are more than our circumstances, more than the expectations that precede our every step. The Truth is we do not know what our purpose in life may be. We are niggas, pimps, playas, and gangstas, because we choose to be. The Truth is we are victims of genocide, perpetrators of genocide and witnesses of genocide. Our culture is dying generation-by-generation due to the lies that are imbedded into, not only our culture but into self.

The same gun rights that were used to protect our families during the Civil Rights Era are now used in community wars. This is where the lies are manifested through chaos, confusion, and self-destruction of our people. The same independence that King, X, and Pratt died for, we freely give away, while we become dependant on state institutions to provide for our families and us. Where is the identity in this, where is the independence? The freedom to choose is there, yet the Lie helps us remain stagnant. The Truth is our culture is fragmented; there is no true unity. There are hundreds of charities, organizations and foundations vying for different agendas; i.e. welfare, civil rights, education, social injustice, etc., this keeps us unfocused and divided when we need cohesion, precision and a solid foundation to further our cause. This is Truth; we have independent resources, the unused knowledge and deeply imbedded desire and will to change the infrastructures of our culture. We do not have a singular goal or agenda to spearhead a movement of True change. The Truth is we seem timid in our actions to seize control of the momentum of the on going social conflicts. We easily become distracted by debates, and accusations, merely concerned about maintaining the Lie in this “politically correct”, society, mad at the messenger while ignoring the message. The Truth is, it is time to stop pretending as if we want to change, and start taking serious measures to invoke our improvement. The Truth is we need to accept the Truth of who we are and learn to teach the value of this. It’s imperative that we grasp hold of the momentums in the social conflicts and scream the Truth of the circumstances we are living through. The Truth is it is time to abolish the lie, so that words like; freedom liberation, equality and life truly matters. We must become the LIGHT, exposing the LIE, showing the condition of our society and how we live in it. We must fight for the TRUE identities and independence of the individual, the family and our culture as a whole. The Truth is, it’s time for us to walkout, workout, the change that we want, together. We need to not only live in the truth but also come up with correct answers. The Truth is; these are our problems and within us there are solutions.

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