“A friend loves at all times….”-Prov. 17-17

We mostly come from a place where fathers are usually quiet, if not completely absent. Our first true friendships are cultivated with that one woman in our lives who constantly demonstrates love. For some, they are mamma, granny, or aunty. For others, it’s Moochie, Brenda or Magic. These are the ones who understand us the best, who love us regardless of what we do. They might dislike our actions but they love us nonetheless. They live with us, nurture us, and pray that we do better, that we BE better. When the flaky friends and false homeboys dwindle away, they stay in our corners supporting us. When the system clutches us, they pull us closer, refusing to let go of their friend. They cry silently at night, praying for our safety and return. They smile in pictures and at visitation, they sacrifice to raise our children, send us funds, and they have no limits to their love. They hope for us, they get upset and disappointed, but they never give in, they never stop loving us because, “A friend loves at all times…

…And a brother is born for adversity.” – Prov. 17-17

They are not your blood bothers but they may know you better than your blood brother. You have learned to trust each other with personal issues exposing weaknesses in a place where vulnerability and weakness can equal misery and trouble. You tell each other the truth, building up the characters of one another. You laugh together when there is so much to cry about, secure in the fact that when it gets real, he is there for you and you for him. He’ll tell you when you are wrong and waits for you to get right. You grow into family, making plans to stay in contact regardless of the distance or time. They know and understand the feelings of isolation and loneness. Then one of you goes home… but they are true to their word; they build lives but they don’t forget you. They give you hope that you too will one day be free to live correctly. They send you pictures that make you laugh because you see how good the world is treating your brother. They were made for adversity but a friend loves at all times, they never fade away. This is what friendship looks like…

PAT “Truth” W.
A.C. like Cool
Chris “Solo Da Don” T.
Thomas “T” C.
B Walls “Platinum”
Ahmad “St. Lou” M.
James “Big Six” S.

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