Lord I’m tired of crawling, teach me to
Soar like an eagle

Now I’m looking down at Sodom and Gomorrah
Seeing white people bleeding black people.

Why are these white people bleeding black people
It’s genocide, and if the body’s a temple, why
Smoke coming from their steeples
They’re burning up from the inside, conditioned to
Be savages, barbaric, it’s medieval

Cut off their heads, scream the Deaf, Dumb
and Blind
Court order, lock up all first sons until they
are past their primes
Then dig shallow graves for those voicing progress,
It’s out of line

Creating something from nothing, from purity
We’ll call these crimes
Turn our daughters and sisters into someone’s
Personal concubine

Selling souls for false fame and pseudo-riches
Placing morals in body bags while mothers hold
Hearts filled with stitches

Still begging the Most High for an understanding
Cause I still don’t get this
Yet I swear to change the ending
To this story and ya’ll my witness

Photo by Joshua Mcknight from Pexels

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