We couldn’t fix it when it was broken, where does this leave me
When we yelled for liberation, they said we’d be set free
Lies embedded into our culture making us easier to mold

Generations of males behind bars, making it difficult for us to hold…

On to our pride, our dignity, at vapor we grasp
Unity dispersed, now we’re as lost as our past
I told my little brother to “Learn to love you”
Looking at his own reflection he said, “Learn to love who”

We do not respect who we are or where our ancestors have been
To fit society’s standards we committed numerous sins
Reason being we needed to become equal and have the best like the rest
It was difficult coming from the bottom with animosity and confusion upon your chest
We were told we could be anything, if only we tried
Trying never stopped shorty from being hungry, or the bullets when homie died

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