The first thing I noticed, she rocked some luscious locks, I’m a respectful man so glare I would not.

But if she’d ask, I’ll tell you everything.

Flawless caramel skin to compliment an even sweeter disposition, a God fearing woman learning to stand in her spiritual position.

Say it and I’ll tell you everything.

She sat smiling through back pains, she blames the folding chair. I’m wondering if it’s from all the quiet burdens she carries when no one else is there.

Ask me and I’ll tell you everything.

Like our Queens belong on cushioned thrones with a high headrest and plush seats. Eating strawberries, bananas, and chocolate chips for sweets.

Just ask and I’ll tell you everything.

She turned and smiled, gracing me with a flash of her attention, looking at me with trusting eyes, my heart sped and quickened.

If someone would’ve asked I would tell you everything.

Even though her physical appearance is great, it was your beautiful spirit that shone through. Not a main in your presence can say he didn’t recognize the true value within you.

Nobody asked, yet I must tell you everything.

Raising two daughters, princesses, to carry the legacy for others through times to come. Awakening generations with a mother’s love.

Lord knows I’ll tell you everything.

A friendly, gentle hug you gave me, blessing me before you left the room. Late night penning poetry, praying that we’d meet again soon.

Cause if T.Y.E. would only ask, I’ll tell you everything.

Happy birthday Tye Holden


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