Selfish me, I want my own personal world, so that I can hold her close
I want to be responsible as a man so this world can really know

Selfish me, I want to be proud of my works and accomplish epic goals
I don’t want to argue my points of view; I care less about going to and fro

Selfish me, I want an abundance of happiness while I’m young and free
I want my father to live to be proud and be an example my family can follow and see

Selfish me, I want a woman I can truly love who understands my shortcomings and flaws
I want a beautiful, sexy woman who knows she will always receive my all

Selfish me, I want to heal my mother’s hurts and take away old pains
I want to live life knowing I can’t do it, yet I’ll endeavor just the same

Selfish me, I want my son to grow into a good man who’s conscious of being black
I want him to honor God and his parents and to have all that I ever lacked

Selfish me, I want to see black neighborhoods that aren’t filled with death, destruction and crime
I want to learn all these things that I’ve learned without having to be locked up all this damn time

Selfish me, I live a dream where I help a whole culture change
I need and I want, it’s for you and me I constantly try to explain

Yet you keep thinking, allow old selfish you to be
While I keep attempting to tell you all about selfish me

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