You know everyone remembers Malcolm X, Dr. King, Nelson Mandela, even Rosa Parks

But who remembers the young brothers that lived in your hoods, walked your streets, and
died alone in the dark

If no one will remember them, then I guess it’s up to me
So understand when I say R.I.P.

This is for Dee, Homicide, Fat Shawnn and Chubb, For Michael Darell, AJ, Jeremiah,
and No Good

This is a roll call for yall that were slain in these streets
For all the homies that are gone, that died resembling me

It’s crazy that when we die only our family or friends seem to care
Anonymous faces, with too little money, it’s like we ain’t even there

We toeing the line in this struggle, Bro, we just attempting to live life
When we doing wrong with good intentions, by hood laws we call that right

This ghetto life yall died in, I swear I’m striving to change
Now I am aiming at the top bro, I know I got the range

I’m Remembering. Infamous. People, so that yall can see
That yall ain’t shed your blood for nothing, yall died for me

Dee, Homicide, Fat Shawnn and Chubb, Michael Darell, AJ, Jeremiah and No Good, Yall are
now eternalized, so let it be

In this darkness, I need light, so shine bright when I scream R.I.P.

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