If God gave me the power to turn back the hands of time

We’d venture to a place, where your brothers, fathers, and lovers weren’t

Place positive role models at the head of your home

Can I take away the tears you shed while you’re alone

I’d restore your confidence and strengthen your pride

It’ll be that, behind mascara and fashion you couldn’t hide

Let’s distinguish the difference between love and sex

No one ever said love was a man’s hands squeezing your neck

I’d teach you the true meaning of love then share it with you

Show you the door to opportunity then push you through

Give you a reason to stand up and motivation to fight

If I could I’d create spiritually guided men to function in your life

Remove years of degradation and loads of sorrow

Replacing it with a happier today with patience and hope for tomorrow

That which belonged to you, Queen, will be yours once again

God has given you many things in life; he’s also left you this friend

Reclaiming all your royalties this can be arranged

It starts with relying on God and possessing the will to change.

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