Originally posted May 2018

My daddy is da coolest dude I know.
Him give me anything I want cause he sell rocks and snow.

He buy me Tendo and K-box cause I a good boy
But he leave wit him guns, he tell me they not toys
When he eyes red, I scared but he so funny
He slaps mommy but calls aunty honey

Everybody love my daddy he call them dope fiends

My daddy leave a lot, why don’t he stay or love me

I know what to do to make him understand
I stop acting like a baby and start acting like a man
I know wkere he hide he dope, he put in his jeans
I wonder how dey taste … huh dey, taste nasty
OH I think I took too much
I can’t feel my legs and my tummy hurt
Who you holdin mommy it gonna be otay

Cause if I wake up I’ll be like my daddy a dope dealer one day

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