Originally posted April 2018

While I was an infant with an innocent smile, crying kept you up at night I
was still mama’s child

When I started school you said you were proud, when I played football you
stood in the crowd

Time past and many things changed; from school to the block is where I
used to hang

You told me to calm down boy you’re too wild, from girls to weed, from
there to guns; I was still mama’s child

I had a son of my own while staying in her house, she didn’t mind as long as
I fed his mouth

When I couldn’t make ends meet, she picked up my slack; I found it funny
that mama always had my back

When the police came and knocked at the door, she cried and lied then said
he doesn’t live here anymore

She let me spread my wings and become a man, but through it all she still
wanted to hold my hand

Now I am locked up because I didn’t listen to what she said, without her as a
lifejacket in this sea I’d be dead

She gave me ten feet and I turned it into a mile, but when I come home

still be mama’s child

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