When I look at you with yearning, it’s more than me being a fan
I love what I see and not being superficial, I’m really just a man
Imagining you gliding towards me with the swaying of your hips
I am mesmerized by the gentle rocking, my reality has just slipped
From the slimness of your waist to the thickness of your thighs
The contrast has me wondering, if I held you close would you sigh
From the swell of your breast to the lusciousness of your lips, is there a woman more grand
All the naughty things that I would love to do with you, don’t blame me. God knows I am just a man
What really caught my attention and keeps me humbled will come as a surprise
Your most alluring attribute that has me enslaved is the depth and beauty of your eyes
In case you are wondering why you, I need you to really understand
That you are truly a beautiful woman that deserves more that just a man

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