Originally posted November 2018

Daddy dance with me, hold my hands and twirl me ’round

Daddy dance with me, let me stand on your shoes so my feet don’t touch the ground

Daddy dance with me, please just one more song

Daddy dance with me, I don’t want to dance this dance alone

Daddy can you dance with me, while you’re so far away

Daddy why don’t you dance with me, with you gone, this is a lonely place

Daddy, Daddy everybody wants to dance with me now. They say I look just like my

Daddy, while mommy’s at work, I have to dance for her boyfriend and his brother

Daddy I love you, but I don’t want to dance any more

Daddy I think I’ll sit this dance out, cause it’s my heart not my feet that’s sore

Daddy if you come back home from running the streets, or being locked up, give me one
more chance
Daddy I promise I’ll try harder. I’ll try one more time, Daddy.  For you, your little girl will
always dance.

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