Originally posted June 5, 2018

I’m wondering about these anonymous slaves

With their anonymous faces and anonymous pains

An anonymous struggle that some still fight today

The same anonymous tortures with their calloused ways

Anonymous scars that will never fade away

Blood shed from anonymous victims, some would say

We’re playing an anonymous game of give or take

We’re the anonymous losers that have to give or have it took

The anonymous souls with numbers that are labeled as crooks

Generations degraded through anonymous years

Hope seen by anonymous mothers through anonymous tears

Anonymous fathers spent so much time in the pen

When given a second chance he becomes anonymous again

Leaving anonymous angels searching for anonymous lovers

Anonymous lies told now she lies under anonymous covers

I am not the anonymous face that needs to be known

I do search for the anonymous truth so I can be shown

To the anonymous others with the same anonymous thoughts

Looking for the anonymous lessons of life that must be experienced not taught,


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