Reassuring, comfortable is the weight lying on my chest

Without disrupting our tranquility I touch the soft cheek where it rest

The smell of an infant’s meal comes with each breath you take

I feel your warm saliva spill where it’ll form its own lake

Large hands for one so small, what unwarranted burdens will they partake alone

His feet being equally unnatural for this person who isn’t grown

Yet they’re still too small to fill these empty spaces my feet created

My son, my child, I feel your heart beat against mine, you lay secure in dreams sedated

Thinking of these things, in the silence I patiently wait

Remaining conscious before you open eyes to further brighten my day….

Startled, I awaken in a cell, a cage with quilt where your head once laid

I can still smell your innocence, but even that quickly began to fade

This separation leaves me morbid and everlasting it seems

God allow this nightmare to remain a nightmare, I miss the reality of my dreams

I had a rude awakening.

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