There are five of us on the Enoch Says team. Enoch, Kenae, Wilshanda, Drew, and Gordon. We’ve been preparing for Enoch’s release from prison for a number of years. Most of the writing on the site was done while Enoch was in prison.

We can hardly wait to see what God will do with this ministry in the future.

James “Enoch” Banks

Enoch was released in July of 2021, where he finally had the opportunity to hug and see his mother for the first time in over 19 years. Enoch who recently married his wife who he seen initially in a dream from God; Kenae’. The day after his release they were married. Together they raise their two children Ka’Mia, Ka’Mari and their dog Bear. Enoch has been in touch with his oldest son but has yet had the opportunity to sit down face to face and have the long-awaited talk. Together with his Wife, and Uncle Drew, they are endeavoring to expand Enoch Says into a national non-profit, effectively assisting in producing citizens that hold themselves accountable and find true understanding of their self-worth. Enoch says that he spends his “free” time writing and developing ways to help others. Only being out six months Enoch has found the difficulties of juggling, family, career, faith, and the parole system. He insists that freedom come with more responsibilities and expectations that are stressful and many of the incarcerated and their families aren’t prepared for.

Enoch believes that without God he would still be living the “lie” that he constantly speaks of and states that there is security in what God makes whole. Family, friends, and community. Besides keynote speaking, writing, and developing programs, God and family comes first and it is something that is practiced and not perfected. Enoch states that this mission is more than a passion it is a need for others and something that he knows that as a whole we can accomplish, change.
You can read Enoch’s full biography here. Read about his release here.

Kenae Early

Kenae’ Early is a 31 year old Wife, Mother, Retired Army Veteran, a Licensed Master Social Worker and the Vice President of Enoch Says. She has two children; Ka’Mia & Ka’Mari Jones and recently married to the Founder of Enoch Says; James Enoch Banks. Living the life of a blended family, Kenae’ puts being a Wife and Mother as a major priority. Being a young mother is not easy. In fact she says her most challenging role is to be a mother but loves her children dearly. However, the first and most important goal is to continue to grow in her spiritual walk with the Father.

Kenae’ was born in Dayton, Ohio and experienced a military lifestyle due to her parents (Makia Early and Felix Cook) both being in the military. Coming from a poor area, Kenae’s mother joined the army to give herself and brother; Tavion Early a better life.

Kenae’ joined the military at age 18. Getting into trouble from wanting to “fit in” she decided to try a different walk and serve her Country. Kenae’ serviced many soldiers and their families during her tours, with the attitude that everyone’s administrative paperwork was “hot!” Kenae’ did many great things in the Army but believes in humility. Although Kenae’ was told to take a knee….. her heart still had a passion to serve.

She received her general studies degree in 2013 and shortly after entered the field of Psychology. Kenae’ loved Psychology and desired for many years to be a forensic psychologist. After almost receiving a Bachelor’s of Psychology, she realized that her purpose was in the field of Social Work. Kenae’ received her Bachelors (2020) and Masters of Social Work (2021) at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas.

Enoch and Kenae’ met from her helping him create surveys over the phone while he was still incarcerated. Kenae’ desired to be a wife (a good one this time) and she says all the time how God answered her prayers. Kenae’ describes meeting Enoch like how Ruth met Boaz in the Bible. Since that phone call they have been spiritually connected to one another. Kenae’ now serves others through Enoch Says and is a Licensed Social Worker.

Wilshanda Banks

Bio coming soon.

Drew Cauthorn

I had the privilege of meeting Enoch in 2015 at a Kairos retreat inside the Torres Unit. In the years that have followed, we have become very close—he calls me “Uncle Drew” and I call him “Nephew”. Early on, I recognized giftedness and wisdom in Enoch. It has been one of my life’s pleasures to assist Enoch in getting his message of hope and abundant life widely distributed. Stated differently, I join Enoch in bringing God’s People out of Captivity to a good and broad land flowing with milk and honey. Exodus 3:8

This is unlikely, but very rich and rewarding, territory for me. I grew up in Del Rio, Texas, the son of a rancher. I attended The University of Texas at Austin graduating in 1967 with a law degree. Until seven years ago, I would never have imagined I would be going to prison or spending so much time and energy with those who have been incarcerated.

I am a letter-mentor having exchanged over 1,500 letters with inmates over the last seven years. Yes, I sometimes get writer’s cramp but it is rewarding. I also mentor men in prison in Torres, visit regularly with several men living in a halfway house in San Antonio and assist others in ways that I can. “Takes So Little” is a Texas 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, I started which makes interest-free loans to men and women recently released from prison helping them to bridge the financial chasm to the outside world.

Gordon Atkinson

I was a pastor in San Antonio for twenty years. These days I do computer work, internet related kind of stuff. Everything from website design to social media management. Drew and I have been friends for more than twenty years.

My responsibility is to maintain this website.

My passion is my writing. I am currently the Artist in Residence at a business school in Austin. You can see some of my work at Land of La Mancha.