The “Mens Workshop” is a 9 week course In which it was piloted amongst inmates on their own volition. In its first nine weeks The Mens workshop took on 30 Volunteer Students, 10 students made parole, 6 went on to take extra courses like vocational trades, G.E.D, Bridges to Life, C.I.P(Cognitive Intervention) etc..5 students were enrolled and/or completed a Faith Based Program.4 students never completed the class

As of today 6 sessions later their are currently 8 dorms approximately 70 inmates taking the course administered by 12 leaders (instructors)  not through TDCJ but as independent groups  because TDCJ wont allow it to be approved on the grounds that they say James lacks the credentials to come up with an inmate program. Seeing That this was a piloted program we believe that we can increase the success rate with a class room environment and its still our goal to get the “Mens Workshop” approved as an institutional program.


Our mission is to afford people with the opportunity to grow into better people through self-enhancement courses. We are dedicated to pursuing cultural changes through people. By giving awareness, time, and love, we endeavor to help you be a better you.

MANUMIT YOURSELF (to set free from slavery)
“You shall love your neighbor as yourself…”—Leviticus 19:18 NASB

How much would you know if you took the time to learn everything that you know? Who would you be if you learned that almost everything that you initially learned about how you should behave was a lie? What if you learned that your circumstances at this point in your life depend solely on your atti- tude and thinking? What if I proved to you that you are capable of altering not only your own future but also that of those you profess to love? Would you sit among your peers, be honest with yourself? Would you take the time to look deep within your person and recognize the flaws and fallacies that you have accepted as truth?

For me it took looking into the mirror of truth, dismantling all preconceived notions, biases of self, and acceptance of these facts. One: I did not know who I actually was and, Two: I did not love myself. Living in prison for half my life (literally), I have come to realize how many other people, both free and incar- cerated, are slaves to cultural fallacies.