Because everyone deserves a second chance

What is the Enoch Project?

Our project began when Drew Cauthorn met James “Enoch” Banks in prison. Drew was greatly impressed by James, particularly by his wisdom and writing. James has a message that is important for, as he puts it, “people living in the ghetto.” We think it’s also an important message for our broader culture.

Drew decided to help get Enoch’s message out into the world, and the Enoch project was born.

What Is Our Goal?

Our goal is a simple one. We want Enoch’s words to be read by those who need to read them.

  • We do not control his message, as that is best left to Enoch and the people he writes for.
  • We do not know where this project is going or what might happen. We simply want his words to be available.

How Can You Help?

We are NOT asking for money

Read Enoch’s work and subscribe to be notified when new articles are posted. Share his words with others through word of mouth or social media.

Follow Enoch

Follow Enoch on Facebook and Twitter. Comment, like, and share his work with others.

Spread the Word

Tell others about Enoch in whatever way works for you. Send readers to us. With enough people reading, we are confident his words will get to the people who need to hear them.