When you think of the word choice, what comes to mind? Change, pain, sacrifice, jail, family are just a couple of things that come to my mind. Life’s all about choices. Good or bad you gotta make them. If you had a homeboy/childhood friend out in the streets thuggin all his life and getting money illegally and if you told him you had some legit lined up and to make a choice to get on the money train with you or stay out there in the streets and risk getting killed or locked up, what do you think he’ll choose?

Logically we would say that legit money huh? Hell, this is the real world and ya gotta feed ya family right? Because that’s exactly what he’s going to say (I need this money now. Fam I can’t go out on a limb and hope shit boom). Some people might get mad and call’ em stupid and all type of names but check this out: what does that say about you? That you couldn’t tell your homeboy/childhood friend to drop the dope, the pistols, and flags to be legit; I feel it shows lack of leadership. In order to convince someone to ride the wave, ya have to lead by example. Everybody know Von’s a shooter, gang banger, jack boy, nice with the ladies if I do say so myself, but nobody knows of the family man Von, the Von that’ll give a homeless man his last $10 for gas so he could get some food. Von, the Von that love animals, Von that hurt when you hurt, loves to be surrounded by his friends not because he feel protected but because he knows every day is not promised and cherish the moments.

If I choose to hit a lick (rob) for $250,000 and ask you to go, would you? Most likely comin from the hood as we say, you goin to go but why? Because the person you think I am, the person I thought I was, jack boy, shooter, and gang banger convinced you to follow in my footsteps, right? So if l could lead you to destruction why can’t I lead you to the promised land? Why, because we are too busy makin choices based on our peers’ lives, not wanting to seem scary different but when will it be enough , when will we get tired of getting the same results outta our choices?

When we look down a barrel of a pistol because of our choices; because everybody respect Von the gang banger, shooter, jack boy but what about the ones that just like him from another hood, what then? Now ya wish ya made better choices huh? Now you with the pistol, you have a choice to shoot or let’ em make it? But being from the Hood we don’t let people make it, plus you told your homeboys you a killer so you gotta prove it huh? The choice is still yours.

Von C.

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