This is suppose to be the Land of Liberty
All I witness is poverty, got a hoodie on so police follow me
They put blacks in the hood, then dump crack in the hood
Force us to live on welfare and can goods
In need of cash now so kiss a legal career good bye
Resort to criminal activity to get by
Resources are slim success seems so far
Especially when momma on crack and daddy on tar
Grandma forced to raise a man but she getting old
So the local d-boys in the hood got a firm hold
Also have to deal with the law’s racist ways
They see you unarmed but shoot anyway
It’s as if a fire has been ignited
And a cold-heart developed and I want to fight it
It’s like stressing how it became so common
The hood where stupidity resides and sense isn’t so common
Not many options and very little resources
In a community where murder speaks volumes in deep voices

~Troy Tankersly

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