Locked up at an early age locked up at thirteen on a robbery case
Been a lost cause since a juvenile
Lost momma at seventeen so it’s hard to smile
In pursuit of happiness it’s been awhile
I lost a lot of friends cause they lost at trial
No dad to raise a daughter, her mom is a bad role model
Different guys every night now she thinks selling her vagina is the solution
She learned the trait at sixteen now she indulge in prostitution
Momma boyfriends touching her so she ran away in a desperate state
She getting high to escape the day-to-day
She thinks she’s invincible until she got raped
That left a bitter taste now she lose faith what a lost cause
On the other hand lil brother raised in a crack house
Now at fifteen he got a line outside a trap house
Money came quick and clientele was consistent
He was always on time never absent from attendance
He thought school was irrelevant so he drooped out in the tenth grade
A new car on his mind time to upgrade
He seen his pops get twenty on his 3rd offense
Feds in town he wasn’t prepared for this
Jumped off the porch at sixteen bought a brick at seventeen
On his eighteenth birthday feds gave him fifteen a nightmare instead of living a ghetto dream

Arrested development and conceptual incarceration is something a gallery of my people are facing
Self-destruction and poverty are related
On T.V. they belittle the dark skin and beauty is falsified
So black skin insecurities are at an all time high
I wonder why Michael Jackson bleached his skin
Wonder why people of color aren’t comfortable within
Don’t be afraid to embrace your strong amount of melanin
Become aware of your royalty and you’ll reign supreme
Black fist for Bobby Seale, we need more Corretta R.I.P M.L.K. a real trend setter
Even though we were put in the slums and raised broke
Barack Obama two terms gave us hope

~by Troy Tankersly

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