We struggled through life just to get rags and hustled hard just for riches.
Damn! The things we’ll do just to put a dollar in our britches
Quick to call women bitches just cause we receiving disses. Listen
When the check clears, get your money, well here’s a reality check
But I am gangsta it might sound somewhat funny
Everything in the game ain’t sweet as honey
Trap life, fast money, and snow bunnies
As you look back, when it’s all said and done, I bet you feel like a dummy
But hey, been there done that, lost everything you love just cause you wanna sell crack
So-called homeboys saying they got your back
Not there for ya kids so ya T-Jones picking up the slack
Ha! I’m trippin now cause I stating fact
Big homie should’ve put you on game from the jump
Now you trapped in a cell with ya head in a slump….Hump
I ain’t trippin no love lost
I’m just tryna show you it cost nothing to be a boss
But at the same time you need to get back what’s been lost
That being a man was the original sauce
But where we from that’s just something that ain’t been taught
Seeing that that’s only by default
I’m hoping that you take these words for more than a grain of salt
Let’s cash this #reality check and get legit riches
And to the streets this is my notice of eviction

-Benny “Ray-Ray” Smallwood

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