I’ve made it out!! After 19 plus years incarcerated, I am finally free! I have made it out and have been blessed to do a lot of the important things that I wished and prayed for. I also have experienced many things that I privately prayed for but thought I would never experience. I will be sharing these details on the blog and through our social media platforms.  This update is letting all those who have supported Enoch Says that I truly appreciate your time with us, and things only get better with time. And those who are new I pray that you share in the importance of our mission.

I finally had the opportunity to hug my mother, for those who know me this meant the world to me. I have been able to sit and talk with my father face to face, like father to son and man to man. He looked at me and said he loves me, wait to you hear about these experiences. Me and my son RayShawnn, have been able to talk and even faced timed once, his story is incomplete, but I trust God above all, if my son allows, I will even tell his story how he tells it to me. I am in a blessed situation that is unique and difficult.  I married a beautiful woman the second day that I was released. We share the responsibilities of raising two children and a dog. This story alone deserves some attention, not because of me or that I would brag about my wife, and the kids. There are so many empty spaces in our lives that we have filled with poison, when the true family dynamics is what is missing from our cultures. We aren’t perfect and we don’t try to be, we are who God made us and seek Him first in all things. Family is the basis of community and country, that reflection in our society is broken. We can fix these things.  Family is where you first learn to love, give, and sacrifice for others. It is one thing being the child and recipient of these things it is another to have the responsibility of giving it correctly. Family is not only those bonded to you by blood, ask my brother, P. Wall, B.Clark, B. Walls, A. Marble, T.Collins,  C. Thornton and E. Sheffield, these are brothers born from adversity.

In prison I learned to truly fight for justice, for the forgotten and broken that are labeled as criminals. Out here I continue that fight and now opening ways not only for you to experience prison uncut, and raw, but this will be a place to learn, listen, understand, and work towards real change. This is a place where you can solidify your purpose and help someone be who God intended them to be. Your help is needed and vital.  I personally can attest to the tremendous pressures of re-entry and the overwhelming stressors of an unforgiving world. People need help before and after they are released.  As I strive to inform you of the realities of prison, it’s effect on families and community, I will be sharing my personal growths and struggles through various mediums so that you too will live with a better understanding and prayerfully enough empathy to want to help change all that we can. I pray that you journey with me in search oof the truth doing the work that is required to change the stereotypes, the behaviors, and the accountability of those the system places behind bars.