Our vision

To straighten the warped cycle that imprisons and fosters destruction in our country.
To assist in the transformation of those incarcerated rather than fueling their punishment.
To offer hope, healing, and a path forward to all that are impacted by crime.
To build communities that provide assistance to the families of those incarcerated.
To hold ourselves accountable for what our prison system represents and the fruit it produces.

Our Mission

To continue to expand The Men’s Workshop Program within prison systems, making the tools for change available to those incarcerated who are willing to enhance who they are.

To produce quarterly pamphlets that inspire, inform, and offer resources for the families and supporters to combat recidivism and lessen the stressors of pre-release and re-entry.

To transform communities by living the Truth,

“ God created man in the image of God…” Gen. 1:26, demonstrating the infinite worth and value of everyone.

Let's Help Each Other


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From Our Gallery

We have a growing collection of art from men in prison who are working on transforming their lives. Click any image to view.